Huang Chih-Yang


Born in 1965 in Taipei, Taiwan. / Lives and works in Beijing, China. Huang Zhiyang believes in the perpetual motion of a fundamental life force within all matter, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, which he tries to render in his 3-dimensional forms and environments. As a painter, he integrates traditional Chinese ink-and-wash painting and the action painting of Western expressionism. His works have been displayed at a number of international exhibitions including the 46th Venice Biennial in 1995.


Solo Exhibitions

2009  Peripheral Vision, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2007  Zoon - Beijing Bio, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2004  Three Marks, Lin & Keng Gallery,Taipei Couture Center.

2001  I am a cute germs, Crosspath Culture- White Box New York.

Lovers Library, Hanart Art Gallery Taipei.

2000  Lovers Library, Ethan Cohen Gallery New York.

Prison, Bamboo Studio,Taipei.

1999  Lovers Library, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong.

ZOON, Ludwig forum for the Art, Germany.

1998-1999 Cave, Land Ethic, FUBON Art Foundation,Taipei.

1998  Installation Art in Taiwan Chia- Yi.

1995  Melancohly of Forest,Taipei County Culture Center. Up Gallery, Koashung.

1993  Up Gallery,Taipei.

1991  Xiou Maternity Room, Space Two,TaipeiBa- Cui Gallery,Taipei.


Group Exhibition

2008  Accumulation, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2006  Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity, MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China.

2005  A Glimpse of Contemporary Art in Taiwan

2004  Obscured Traces, Easlite Gallery

2003  Wu I- Fun Wind Dance Theatre Created of Visiul Art.

2002  Taipei Installation Fastival.

2000  Concept Ink, Ethen Cohen Gallery, New York.

2000  The Wall, Museum of National Art, Taipei.

1999  Power of the Work, Taiwan Museum of Art Taichung.

Tracing Taiwan, Contemporary Works on Paper, Taipei Fine Art Museum.

Spirit ant Ghosts, Tacheles Art Center, Berlin, Germany.

On the Edge of Tradition Broadening the Vision of Contemporary Ink Art, Dimension Endowment, Taipei.

1998  Inside Out: New Chinese Art, Asia Society P.S.1 Museum New York, Museum of Modern Art San Francisco and Asian Museum.

The Back Garden of Taipei, Taipei City Foudation.

1997  Installation Art in Taiwan, Chia- Yi. 
Tracing Taiwan: Contemporary Work on Paper, The Drawing Center, Parish Museum New York, Santababera Art Gorum, L.A.

1996  Artist Residency Program of Headland Center For The Art, U.S.A.

1995  Forward, New Paradise, Taipei.

The Biennial of Venice 46th Exhibition International Art.

1994  Famous Brand, Taipei -ne Art Museum

Anti-Nucleus Concept, Hanart Gallery, Taipei

The Frame, National Taipei Normal College Gallery

Art and Language, National Taipei Normal College Gallery

Print Exhibition, Ba-Cui, Gallery, Taipei

Chin, Gallery Elegance, Taipei

1993  Contemporary Ceramics, Tainan Culture Center

Poison, Space Two, Taipei

Small, Space Two, Taipei

Contemporary Ink Exhibition, Capital Art Center, Taichung

90, New Conception Exhibition, Hanart Gallery, Taipei

Small Work Show, Up Gallery, Taipei

1992  Environment Art Exhibition, Taipei county Culture Center

Dis/ Continuity Religion Shamanism Nature, Taipei Fine Art Museum

The Biennial Taipei Exhibition Contemporary Art, Taipei Fine Art Museum

Frontier Culture Exhibition, Taipei County Culture Center

Open Exhibition, Up Gallery, Taipei

Individualism, Capital Culture Center, Taichung

Space Two Member Exhibition, Yellow River Art Center, Taichung

Erotic, Go Go Gallery, Tainan

Taiwania new Sprout Exhibition, Taiwania Gallery, Taipei

Native Sex Exhibit, Space Two. Taipei

Go Go Gallery, Tainan

Up Gallery, Koashung

1991  Apartment: Avant- Garde and Experiment, Taipei Fine Art Museum

The 6th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibit, Taipei -ne Art Museum

1989  The Ink Painting Exhibition, Taiwan and Korean, Seoul

Time Spirit and Ink and Color, Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, Taipei -ne Art Museum



UBS Bank Art Collection, Switzerland

USA Art In Embassies Collection, Wash DC/Beijing

Taipei Fine Arts Museum,

Taiwan Museum of Art,

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts